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Quick Infos on Tuy Hòa

Tuy Hòa ( listen) is the capital city of Phú Yên Province in south-central Vietnam. The city has the total area of 107 km2 and the population of 202,030 (in 2012).

The city is formulated mainly from alluvial of the downstream of Đà Rằng River. There are two mountains in the center of the city: Chóp Chài Mountain and Nhạn Mountain.

Đà Rằng River and Nhan Mountain create a poetic landscape. There is a Champa Temple on the top of Nhạn Mountain. Standing at this place, visitors easily enjoy a full view of Tuy Hoa city.

Timezone: Asia/Ho_Chi_Minh

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Alternate names of Tuy Hòa: Chau Thanh, Thuy Hoa, Toy Hoa, Tuy Hoa, Tuy Hòa