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Quick Infos on Sidi Qacem

Sidi Kacem (Arabic: سيدي قاسم‎) is a city in Morocco. It is located at around 34°13′0″N 5°42′0″W. During the French period, it was called Petitjean, after a French captain who was killed in May 1911 during the "pacification" of Morocco. Oil drilling exploration commenced in the vicinity of Sidi Kacem by the French in 1934; production of crude oil began locally in 1939.

Slightly to the south of Sidi Kacem, in antiquity, Volubilis was an important Roman town near the westernmost border of the Roman Empire. It was built on the site of a previous Carthaginian settlement from the third century BC, if not earlier.

Timezone: Africa/Casablanca

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Alternate names of Sidi Qacem: Petitjean, Pettijean, Sidi Kacem, Sidi Qacem, Sidi Qasim, Sīdī Qāsim, sdy qasm, سدي قاسم