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Quick Infos on Pyongyang

Pyongyang (/ˈpjɒŋˈjæŋ/; (Chosŏn'gŭl: 평양; hancha: 平壤), Korean pronunciation: [pʰjʌŋjaŋ], literally: "Flat Land" or "Peaceful Land", approved: P’yŏngyang; several variants) is the capital of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (commonly known as North Korea) and the largest city in the country. Pyongyang is located on the Taedong River and, according to preliminary results from the 2008 population census, has a population of 3,255,388. The city was split from the South P'yŏngan province in 1946. It is administered as a directly governed city (chikhalsi, 직할시) on the same level as provincial governments, not a special city (teukbyeolsi, 특별시) as Seoul in South Korea.

Timezone: Asia/Pyongyang

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Alternate names of Pyongyang: Binh Nhuong, Bình Nhưỡng, FNJ, Gorad Pkhen'jan, Heijo, Heijo-fu, Heijō, Heijō-fu, Heizyo, Heizyo Hu, Heizyō, Heizyō Hu, Hpyeng-yang, P'yongyang, P'yŏngyang, P-hjong-jang, P-hjöng-jang, Pchenjanas, Pchjongjang, Phenian, Phenjan, Phenjana, Phyeng-yang, Phyong-yang, Pienyang, Pingyang, Pion'gian'nk, Pion'nkgian'nk, Piongiang, Pionyang, Pjoengjang, Pjongian, Pjongjang, Pjongjango, Pjöngjang, Pkhen'jan, Pkhenjan, Pxenyan, Pyengyang, Pyeongyang, Pyoengyang, Pyongyang, Pyöngyang, P’yŏngyang, bywnghyangh, peiyngyang, pi'ongayanga, ping rang, ping rang shi, piyam iyam, piyonyan, pkheniani, pyamgayanga, pyang yang, pyeong-yangjighalsi, pyon'gyang, pyongayanga, pywng yang, pywngyang, Πιονγιάνγκ, Πιονγκγιάνγκ, Горад Пхеньян, Пхеньян, Пхенян, Пјонгјанг, Փխենյան, פיאנגיאנג, פיונגיאנג, بيونغيانغ, پيونګيانګ, پيونگ يانگ, پيوڭياڭ, پیانگ یانگ, پیونگ‌یانگ, پیۆنگیانگ, प्याँगयांग, प्योंगयांग, পিয়ং ইয়াং, ਪਿਓਂਗਯਾਂਗ, பியொங்யாங், ಪ್ಯೊನ್ಗ್ಯಾಂಗ್, เปียงยาง, ཕོང་ཡང་།, ფხენიანი, ፕዮንግያንግ, 平壌, 平壤, 平壤市, 평양직할시