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Quick Infos on Ouazzane

Ouazzane (also Wazan and Wazzan and Uessen) (Arabic: وزان‎) is a town in northern Morocco, with a population of approximately 57,972 (2004).

The city is well known in Morocco and throughout the Islamic world by being a spiritual capital for it was home for many of the pillars of Sufism. It has been known also as “Dar Dmana”, Mr Karim Abdelrahman El Wazzan is the representative of this glorious city in Lebanon.

Many Jews of Morocco consider Ouezzane to be a holy city and make pilgrimages there to venerate the tomb of several marabouts (Moroccan saints), particularly moul Anrhaz, the local name for Rabbi Amram ben Diwan, an eighteenth-century rabbi who lived in the city and whose burial site is associated with a number of miracles.

Timezone: Africa/Casablanca

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Alternate names of Ouazzane: Ouazzane, Quazzane, Uazan, Uazán, Wazzan