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See Mohammadia for the town and commune in Mascara Province, Algeria.

Mohammédia (Arabic: المحمدية‎, Al-Muḥammadia, Moroccan Arabic: El Muḥemmadiya, Fḍala) is a port city on the west coast of Morocco between Casablanca and Rabat in the region of Greater Casablanca. It hosts the most important oil refinery of Morocco, the Samir refinery, which makes it the center of the Moroccan petroleum industry. It has a population of 188,619 (2004 census).

Timezone: Africa/Casablanca

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Alternate names of Mohammedia: Al Muhammadiyah, Al Muḩammadīyah, Fadalah, Faḑālah, Fdala, Fedala, Fedhala, Mohammadia, Mohammedia, Mokhammedija, Sedala, alhrawyyn, Мохаммедия, الهراويين