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Quick Infos on Ksar el Kebir

El-Ksar el Kebir (Arabic, القصر الكبير) is a city in northwest of Morocco with 110,000 inhabitants, about 160 km from Rabat, 32 km from Larache and 110 km from Tangier.

The name of the city is also known as Alcazarquivir in Spanish or Alcácer-Quibir in Portuguese. The name means "the big castle". The city is located nearby the Loukous river that makes el-Ksar-el-Kebir one of Morocco's richest agricultural regions. el-Ksar el-Kebir provides almost 20% of the needed sugar of Morocco. Neighbouring cities and towns include Larache, Chefchaouen, Arbawa, Tateft.

Recently, the city was developed in many directions with the upcoming of the new party at the municipality "al-adala wa-t-tanmiya", they have worked on improving the infrastructure of the old Medina.

Timezone: Africa/Casablanca

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Alternate names of Ksar el Kebir: Alcazarquebir, Alcazarquivir, Alcazquivir, El Ksar El Kbir, El Ksar El Kebir, Ksar el Kebir