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Quick Infos on Jeddah

Jeddah (sometimes spelled Jiddah or Jedda ; English pronunciation: /ˈdʒɛdə/; Arabic: جدة‎ Jiddah or Jaddah, IPA: [ˈdʒedda, ˈdʒidda]) is a city in the Hijaz Tihamah region on the coast of the Red Sea and is the major urban center of western Saudi Arabia. It is the largest city in Makkah Province, the largest sea port on the Red Sea, and the second-largest city in Saudi Arabia after the capital city, Riyadh. With a population currently at 3.4 million people, Jeddah is an important commercial hub in Saudi Arabia.

Jeddah is the principal gateway to Mecca, Islam's holiest city, which able-bodied Muslims are required to visit at least once in their lifetime. It is also a gateway to Medina, the second holiest place in Islam.

Economically, Jeddah is focusing on further developing capital investment in scientific and engineering leadership within Saudi Arabia, and the Middle East. Jeddah was independently ranked fourth in the Africa – Mid-East region in terms of innovation in 2009 in the Innovation Cities Index.

Timezone: Asia/Riyadh

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Alternate names of Jeddah: Chidda, Cidda, Ciddae, Cidde, Ciddä, Ciddə, Djedda, Djeddah, Djidda, Dschidda, Dzeda, Dzedda, Dzhida, Dzhidda, Dzhiddae, Dzida, Dzidda, Dzsidda, Dzudda, Dżudda, Džeda, Džedda, Džida, Džidda, Gedda, Gidda, Gido, Gorad Dzhyda, Iedda, JED, Jaddah, Jedda, Jeddah, Jida, Jidda, Jiddah, Jidde, Jidá, Judah, Juddah, Tzenta, Yida, Yidda, Zhidda, ced dah, g'dh, jdh, jdt, jeddaha, ji da, jida, jidda, jitta, Ĝido, Τζέντα, Џеда, Горад Джыда, Джида, Джиддæ, Джидда, Жидда, Ջիդդա, ג'דה, جدة, جده, جدہ, ޖިއްދާ, जेद्दाह, ஜித்தா, ജിദ്ദ, เจดดะห์, ჯიდა, ジッダ, 吉达, 지다