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Quick Infos on Ipiales

Ipiales is a city in Nariño Department, Colombia, near the border with Ecuador. It is located at around 0°49′49″N 77°38′40″W, with an elevation of about 2950 m. Ipiales is located on the high plateau called "Tuquerres e Ipiales," the city lies at a distance of 82 km from Pasto, the department's capital." The municipality's main attraction is the impressive architecture of the Las Lajas Cathedral. Ipiales is known as "la ciudad de las nubes verdes" (the city of the green clouds) because some times, especially in the afternoon, green clouds appear over the city. One of the area's favorite foods is the guinea pig or cavy (Cavia porcellus), called kuy or kuwi. The economy of this city is based on trade between Ecuador and Colombia. One of the biggest festivals is called the "Black and White Carnival". Through this event people from Ipiales celebrate racial diversity. People paint each other with make-up and a white soap, called careoca. Many tourists travel to see this event from all over the country.

Timezone: America/Bogota

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Alternate names of Ipiales: IPI, Ipiales