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Quick Infos on Inda Silasē

Shire (ሽሬ), also known as Inda Selassie (እንዳ ሥላሴ, Tigrinya "House of the Trinity"), is a town and separate woreda in northern Ethiopia. The administrative center of the Semien Mi'irabawi Zone of the Tigray region, this town has a latitude and longitude of 14°6′N 38°17′E with an altitude of 1953 meters above sea level. It was part of Tahtay Koraro woreda.

The Ethiopian Roads Authority had two roads built to connect Shire to neighboring towns. In June 2009, the authority released a report on their status. The road connecting Shire with Addi Goshu, 156 kilometers in length, was 52% complete, and would be completed by November 2010. The road that would connect to Addi Abun, 92 kilometers in length, would be completed in two years. As of May 2010 construction was underway on a road segment 71 kilometers long connecting Shire west to Dedebit, and which will continue on to Adi Remets then terminate at Dejena Densha. The town hosts an airport, Shire Airport (IATA code SHC).

Timezone: Africa/Addis_Ababa

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Alternate names of Inda Silasē: Enda Salassie, Enda Selase, Enda Selassie, Enda Selassye, Enda Sellassie, Endā Selāsē, Inda Selassie, Inda Silase, Inda Silasē, Shire Inda Silase, Shirē Inda Silasē, Ynda Syllase