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Quick Infos on Duitama

Duitama (Spanish pronunciation: [dwiˈtama]) is a city and municipality in Boyacá Department, part of the Tundama Province, a subregion of Boyaca, Colombia. It is located some 170 kilometres northeast of Bogotá, the capital city of Colombia and 55 kilometres northeast of Tunja, the capital city of Boyaca. Duitama has existed since pre-Columbian times. According to the local oral tradition, the city was founded by the Muisca Chief Tundama. The city has a population of about 142,000 people. The elevation of the city is about 2,532 m above sea level and the average temperature is 18 °C (65 °F). Duitama is known as "The Pearl of Boyacá".

Timezone: America/Bogota

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Alternate names of Duitama: Duitama