the open film school pune



Mon 11:00, 2017-01-16

Sat 17:00, 2017-01-21

Duration: 5d 6h | Timezone: Asia/Kolkata

Status: passed

Event description:

The Open Film School is offering a unique On the project training workshop.

The participants will get an opportunity to work on a live project aimed at various film festivals. Over a month participants will receive training on : Screenwriting, Story boarding, casting, Direction, cinematography , Sound Recording, Editing and Online film promotion. An ideal learning space for beginner filmmakers.

Participants will be assigned various positions on the project and will be given a credit on the final film. 

How to Read a film /Production process/ Day 1

 Film as an Art

 Reading art, Understanding Narrative

 “Suspension of disbelief” and what keeps it going

 Montage and Mise – en – scene  A collaborative art

 Broad classification of films  Who makes it happen- the talent , the production process

Writing for film/ screen play structure/ screenplay format Day 2/3

 How is film writing different

 Selling your favourite film/ tell me the story

 Why do we need structure (three acts)

 Shots, scenes , Sequences

 Subplots

 It is all predictable with a twist, Almost a cliché, almost

 The screenplay format, why?

 Types of Scripts

Understanding your characters Day 4

 The Hero’s journey

 Do you really understand your character

 Creating great characters

 Who is driving who? Plot driven or Character driven

 Building your characters

 Writing the Screenplay

 Concept finalisation Camera basics Day 5/6

 The camera  Types of cameras

 Film processing

 Colour temperature

 Lenses, aperture , ISO

 Working on 5D,7D…

 Lighting up your shots  Types of lights

 Types of filters

 Live set experience

 Setting up the shot

Story Boarding Day 7

 Why story boarding/ your first visuals

 A picture is worth a thousand words

 Sketching basics, working with the artists

 Planning your storyboard

Actors and casting for the film Day 8

 Casting for traits, Skills

 Working with your actors don’t show, tell

 Talking to your actors

 Improvising and evolution

 Rehearsals

Editing techniques and formats Day 9

 Manipulation of time

 Types of transitions and their meanings

 Directors cut

 Cutting objectively

Shooting and editing the project film Day 10/11/12

This will be a paid training workshop on a live project. Fees Rs. 16000

The group will also meet at least once on week days for a couple of hours in the evening on a decided day , time and location

The program will be conducted by Jay Gholap Alumnus New York Film Academy. Currently working as a script consultant , Documentary and corporate filmmaker. Previous experience includes AD to Ram Gopal Verma.

Please call[masked] to RSVP


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