tv show episode 17



Mon 22:00, 2017-01-16

Mon 23:05, 2017-01-16

Duration: 1h | Timezone: Asia/Seoul

Status: passed

Event description:

Season: 1 | Number: 17



Last update: 2017-01-18

Korea, Republic of

Phone: N/A

Location description:

Regional TV network program of MBC

Upcoming events nearby

in 19h

Hyperledger Meetup Seoul in January

Mon 18:30

hyperledger meetup seoul

9.5 km

Startup Alliance Seoul

in 1d 19h

Cashflow Game night ! 캐쉬플로 보드게임 금융 지식 미팅

Tue 19:00

wealth management simulation, cashflow game 투자도 게임으로 배운다 !

7.3 km

엘루체 컨밴션 웨딩홀, lluceonvention

in 2d 7h

Hiking to Seolak Mountain ( Kongryoung<Dinousar's> Line )

Wed 07:00

hicliback in korea (hiking, climbing, backpacking in korea)

8.4 km

Gangnam Station

in 2d 20h

생활 속에서 실천하는 철학에 관한 주 1회 14주 과정

Wed 19:30

world of wisdom 지혜의 세계

9.1 km

New Acropolis - center

in 3d 18h

Australia Day

Thu 18:00

3 alley pub - seoul

4.1 km

3 Alley - Seoul

in 4d 0h

Ski Resort and Winter Wonderland for Lunar New Year

Thu 23:30

wink travels

6.8 km

WinK Kitchen & Taphouse (교대역)

in 4d 0h

Voice with Nicola Kazimir

Thu 23:59


4.0 km


in 4d 5h

Elijah & Skilliam (Butterz/London) at Cakeshop

Fri 05:00

cakeshop seoul

3.1 km

Cakeshop Seoul

in 5d 12h

Beyond Film: The Future of Storytelling (hosted by New Wave Film School)

Sat 12:00

seoul vr interactive and story-telling meetup

4.5 km

Bitcoin Center Korea

in 5d 17h

Seollal Game Night (Lunar New Year)

Sat 17:00

international christian fellowship

8.5 km

Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (Seoul Campus)

in 5d 18h

Lunar New Year Dinner Event

Sat 18:00

wink kitchen & taphouse

9.2 km

WinK Kitchen & Taphouse

in 5d 19h

Jan. 28, Sat. *Free if you sign up*! Int'l Party in Hongdae!

Sat 19:00

playground rooftop cafe & bar - hongdae 플레이그라운드 - 홍대

5.1 km

Playground Rooftop Cafe & Bar - Hongdae 플레이그라운드 - 홍대

in 5d 19h

[10$]★Seolnal (Korean New Year) Cocktail Party (All-you-can-drink Available)

Sat 19:00

korean, japanese, expats international friends and parties

8.9 km


in 6d 0h

SONS, Eugene Blake, ODD J

Sat 23:59


4.0 km


in 6d 14h

Hongdae, Korean Workshop with Native Teachers *new Location*

Sun 14:00

korean language classes with native korean teachers

5.1 km

ARGO coffee and beer