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Fri 15:00, 2017-01-13

Fri 18:00, 2017-01-13

Duration: 3h | Timezone: Asia/Karachi

Status: passed

Event description:

We are delighted to announce that 8th batch of Free "Certificates in Early Childhood Education" and "Teaching Tools" (For Primary and Secondary Teachers) are starting from 3rd of December 2016.

Call or email us to register.

Please share to spread this benefit to other teachers.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/events/1814625308774966

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Last update: 2016-12-23

B-518, Block 13, Gulberg, F.B. Area Karachi Pakistan

Phone: 0346-2573192

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BTPD was created by RAST to improve education in Pakistan and developing countries by improving the quality of teachers.
Rast is a Persian word (راست) meaning "right" or "direct". It is also the name of basic note in Panjgah (پنج گاه), Persian, Ar... Read more

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